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I would like to take an Erasmus study exchange period at Sapienza University: what should I do?

You can only apply for an Erasmus study exchange period at Sapienza University if your university has an agreement with us. We suggest you contact your Erasmus Office for further information.

Once you have been selected by your university, you will need an official nomination to register as a Sapienza Erasmus incoming student. By "official nomination" we mean a formal communication from your home university (addressed to, informing us that you have been selected to spend an Erasmus study exchange period at our university.

Once we have received this formal communication, we will process your application and keep you informed.

Can I study at Sapienza University as a free mover or international student?

Our Office only deals with the Erasmus Programme for European Universities. For all other questions, please contact the Sapienza Hello Office (



I am filling out my on-line application form. What should I write in the “Study Project” field?

Please complete the “Study Project” field with the courses you plan to attend at Sapienza during your Erasmus study exchange period.

If you need further information about courses, please contact the Erasmus Officer of your receiving Faculty.

Where can I find information on the academic calendar, syllabus and exams?

To find out about the academic calendar, syllabus, exams, etc. you need to contact the Erasmus Officer of your receiving Faculty, as all didactic activity is managed at the Faculty level.

I forgot to fill out my application form or some of the information is missing. Can I still enter it?

Your application form will be active for 30 days after your registration. If it expires or you need to change data, please email explaining your problem and we will reactivate it for you.

I did not print my application form out. Can I still do it?

If you need to print your application form again, email and we will reactivate it for you.



I would like to take part in an Italian language course. How can I enrol in it?

In order to enrol in Italian language courses, you need to fill out the proper section of your on-line application form within the deadlines.

Please, note that once in Rome, we will assess your level of Italian; further information will be provided by the coordinator of Italian language courses.



Where and when should I send my documents?

Your application form, learning agreement and a copy of your most recent transcript should be uploaded to your personal page by:

-June 15, 2015 for 1st semester students (or full academic year)
-November 15, 2015 for 2nd semester students

How do I get my Letter of Acceptance?

For EU students, letters of acceptance are issued by the Faculty. When your Faculty Erasmus Coordinator receives your documents, he/she will provide you with a letter of acceptance. For further information, please contact the Erasmus Officer at your receiving Faculty.

For non-EU students, an invitation Letter will be sent from the central Erasmus Office to the Embassy (by certified e-mail) and it will be uploaded to your personal page.

Where do I pick up my Erasmus student card and documents?

Once you arrive in Rome, you will need to complete your registration process at the Erasmus Office of your receiving Faculty. Please note that it is mandatory to register upon arrival in Rome; otherwise, you will not be able to take exams.



How do I access free Internet?

Wireless Internet is available in various campus areas (classrooms, libraries, study halls, outdoor spaces). You can log on with your registration number and password (the same you use for Infostud services).



How do I register for exams?

In order to register for exams, you must access the Infostud service using your registration number (“matricola”) and your password. When you complete your on-line application form, you will receive your registration number and your password by e-mail.

I did not receive my registration number (“matricola”) and my password for Infostud. How can I get them?

You should have received them when you completed your on-line application form (the e-mail was sent by Please check your mailbox and spam folder again. Your registration number will be completely active only once you arrive in Rome and pick up your Erasmus student card from the Erasmus office at your receiving Faculty.

If you did not receive this e-mail, please contact and we will provide you with your registration number and a temporary password.

I lost my Infostud password. What should I do?

If you never accessed the Infostud system or if you lost the message containing your registration number and your password, email .  

If, instead, you did access the system and then lost your password, you can reset it at by entering your registration number.