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Admission for Bachelors & Single Cycle Programmes

Admissions - Bachelors and Single Cycle Degree Programmes

Candidates with a Foreign Academic Title

Candidates applying to a Bachelors or Single Cycle Degree Programme must possess a high school diploma (or equivalent academic title obtained after 12 years of studies). It must be translated and then officially legalised by an Italian Consulate or Embassy that will also issue a Declaration of Value.

Mandatory Documents for all Citizens with Foreign Academic Titles

  • Certified copy of your high school diploma (translated, legalized and accompanied by a Declaration of Value issued by an Italian Consulate or Embassy in the country where the title was issued;
  • Copy of your ID (Identity Card) or Passport
  • Copy of Residence Permit and Reasons for issue. If you are renewing your residence permit, you will need a photocopy of your expired residence permit and the post office receipt for your renewal application. (ONLY for Non-EU Citizens);
  • Copy of your Study Visa. (ONLY for non-EU Citizens resident abroad).

Please note: Applications lacking any of these documents will be rejected.

Admission Requirements

Specific admission requirements for all degree programmes at Sapienza include an assessment of basic knowledge and comprehension of Italian. Moreover, if necessary, additional learning requirements will be assigned. These must be completed during the first year.

If you are applying for a degree programme with restricted access, you will have to register for an entrance examination. Your basic knowledge and comprehension of Italian will be evaluated on the same date. Your admission to the programme will depend on the result of your entrance examination.

Please note: All non-EU students resident abroad must also pass an Italian language test to be admitted to any Sapienza programme.


Bachelors and Single Cycle Degree programmes may either be open or regulated by an entrance examination (restricted access).

If the degree programme you are interested in has restricted access, you will need to pass an entrance examination before enrolling at Sapienza.

All applicants must:

  • Present a legally recognised academic title (translated into italian and legalized)
  • Pre-enrol at an Italian Embassy or consulate (only for non-EU students resident abroad)
  • Satisfy Sapienza admission requirements

Completing Your Enrolment

After having provided all the necessary documentation and passed the entrance examination (if applicable), you must complete your enrolment:

  1. Register with InfoStud;
  2. Pay applicable enrolment fees;
  3. Present the following documents to the Student Administration Office:
  • Copy of your ID or Passport;
  • Copy of your residence permit or application receipt (only for non-EU equivalent students and students resident abroad);
  • Legalised and translated high school diploma;
  • Declaration of Value from Embassy or Consulate.

When To Apply

Non-EU students resident abroad may pre-enrol at an Italian Consulate or Embassy until [date to be announced] as established by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, Education and Research.

Please note: degree programme may have different registration deadlines. Refer to the Manifesto degli Studi  for all specific dates and details.




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