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Italian Language and Culture

Colosseo - Ph: SImone S. Taddei

Learning Italian and getting to know Italian culture is one of the most rewarding features of coming to Sapienza. It's why we created the Sapienza Summer School, where students from all over the world can study and learn more about Italian literature, arts and cinema, whilst perfecting their language skills. Courses are taught by enthusiastic instructors who provide students with unique insights into the many facets of Italy.

Sapienza Summer School includes two independent and parallel courses, taught both in English and Italian, with a final assessment test. Both courses include guided visits to the most important monuments and artistic sites in the city.

Students need not, however, provide academic qualifications typically required for enrolment in degree programmes.

The Summer School will be held from July 2 to 14, 2018.

For scholarships, special lodging agreements and more information please contact our staff at

To apply for our Summer School, please send your CV to, we will then send you further instructions on how to apply and you will also be considered for one of our merit-based scholarships!















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