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Sustainable Building Engineering

Available to students starting in academic year 2018-2019, the Bachelors Degree in Sustainable Building Engineering (L23) aims to introduce students to the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure a sustainable future. The goal of sustainable development, both for existing and future construction works, is the real challenge of our era.

In particular, the Bachelors Degree in Sustainable Building Engineering will address the following issues:

  • Reducing the demand for energy and the energetic consumption of buildings 
  • Taking advantage of climate and natural resources to develop passive design strategies and sustainable architecture
  • Reusing and recycling building components and materials
  • Extending the lifetime of products and buildings
  • Risk-free reintroduction of materials to their natural cycles
  • Adopting a sustainable environmental use, participatory planning and design
  • Reducing urban sprawl, promoting urban renewal, and protecting natural areas
  • Planning, designing and building in respect of natural constraints

The programme also aims to provide students with analytical skills for recognizing, understanding, planning and designing under complex environmental conditions.

Upon completion of the degree programme, graduates will be able to address the many complex problems faced by sustainable building engineers, from project design to works management, with a special focus on environmental protection and environmental risks prevention.

Please note: the Bachelors Degree Programme in Sustainable Building Engineering will be held at the Sapienza University Campus in Rieti, a town 80 kilometres north of Rome.

Very important - pre-selection procedure: students are highly recommended to carefully read the "Minimal requirements" .pdf file downloadable on the right. Once they have taken the self-evaluation test attached to the document with a positive result, they can access the online platform and apply to the program. 



  • Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering
    Via Angelo Maria Ricci, 35 A
    Sapienza Campus, Rieti