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Bachelors Programme in Nursing

The Bachelors Programme in Nursing, which is the first and only Nursing programme currently held in English in Italy, prepares students to work as certified clinical nurses and certified nursing specialists (anaesthetists, obstetricians, prenatal and gynaecological care) in public and private health facilities across the European Community.

Students will study both community and individual health needs and learn to plan, manage and evaluate nursing care strategies. They will be trained to ensure the correct application of diagnostic and therapeutic actions, acting both individually and in collaboration with other health care and social services operators.

The programme, which is based on lectures, seminars, workshops and practical simulations, includes traditional learning activities, modern teaching tools and training with specialist health services, as well as laboratory activities and internships.

The curriculum is based on a maximum of 20 exam modules, both oral and written, as well as in-course tests (self-assessment tests and interviews).

Admission Test

The admission test is based on general knowledge and command of the English language (level B2 required). The programme will accept 20 students per year, including non-EU students.

Programme Subjects

  • Basic Cellular Morphology and Function
  • Fundamentals of Organ Morphology and Function
  • Fundamentals of Nursing Science
  • Morphological and Functional Fundamentals of the Human Body
  • Basic Patho-Physiological Mechanisms
  • Social and Psychological Process of the Human Being
  • Nursing and Clinical Methods
  • Nursing Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Processes
  • Nursing Process and Therapeutic Care in the Medical Area
  • Nursing Process and Therapeutic Care for Physical and Psychological Disabilities
  • Nursing Process and Therapeutic Care for Maternity and Paediatrics
  • Nursing Process and Therapeutic Care for Surgery
  • Nursing In The Assistance of Critical Situations
  • Nursing Methodology Based on Evidence of Effectiveness
  • Legal Principles Applied to the Organization and Management of Nursing

The Bachelors Programme in Nursing is an inter-faculty programme managed by the Sapienza faculties of Medicine and Psychology, Pharmacy and Medicine, and Medicine and Dentistry.

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  • Programme Coordinators

    • Prof.  Agostino Tafuri  
    • Prof. Carmine Savoia

    For further information:


  • Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine
    “Sant’Andrea” Hospital, Sapienza University