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Single Courses

Admissions – Single Courses for Visiting Students

Sapienza University of Rome welcomes students, graduates and interested individuals to attend single courses (single academic modules taught within Sapienza degree programmes) and take related exams without having to be enrolled in an academic program.

Foreign students currently enrolled at a foreign university may enrol in single courses as visiting students upon approval by the Italian Consulate or Embassy. Students can only enrol in courses that have no specific enrolment restrictions.

Single courses may also be taken by foreigners who are not currently enrolled in any college or university for professional or continuing education purposes.


Candidates applying to attend single courses at Sapienza must possess one of the following academic titles:

  • Secondary school diploma (foreign nationals only)
  • First cycle degree
  • Second cycle degree
  • Single cycle degree
  • Other academic qualification obtained abroad

Please note: foreign citizens may also present their university transcript or another official document indicating affiliation with a foreign university.

Validation of Foreign Academic Titles

The validation of a foreign academic title must be completed at an Italian Consulate or Embassy in the country where the title was issued.

You will need to present: Academic title (see above)


Italian, EU and EU equivalent students may apply directly to the Sapienza Office for Foreign Students by presenting:

  • Application Form
  • Copy of ID or Passport
  • Copy of High School Diploma or University Degree

Non-EU Citizens resident abroad must first complete a pre-enrolment procedure with an Italian Consulate or Embassy. Then they must present the following documents to the Office for Students with a Foreign Title:

  • An official validated copy of the diploma/degree issued by the Italian Consulate or Embassy in the country where the title was obtained
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of the Visa (and subsequently residence permit)


Visting students wishing to enroll in single courses (including government scholarship holders) are required to pay €430 per course.


Please refer to the Manifesto degli Studi for all specific dates and details.



  • Director
    Micaela Lepore


    Vincenzina Di Genova
    Fabio Lazzarini

    Office Hours
    8:30 am - 12 am
    2:30 - 4.30 pm




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