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Single Cycle Degree Programmes

Single Cycle (Bachelors+Masters) Degree Programmes
Single cycle degree programmes are 5-6 year degree programmes, which integrate a Bachelors and Masters Degree and provide advanced training and education for high-level qualification, in specific fields that are determined at the EU level.
Admission to a single cycle programme is based on the same requisites as a first cycle programme, but with an entrance examination. 
Sapienza also offers single cycle programmes taught entirely in English.


The following Faculties at Sapienza offer single cycle degree programmes:

Faculty of Architecture

Facolty of Civil and Industrial Engineering
Architecture and Construction

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Medicine and Dentistry – Course B
Medicine and Dentistry – Course C
Medicine and Dentistry – Course D
Dentistry and Prosthetic Devices

Faculty of Medicine and Psychology
Medicine and Surgery
Primary Teacher Education

Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine
Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Medicine and Surgery – Programme A
Medicine and Surgery – Programme E (in Latina, 60 km. south of Rome)
Medicine and Surgery – Programme F (in English)