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Masters Degree in Transport Systems Engineering

The Masters Programme in Transport Systems Engineering (LM-27592) provides students with the knowledge and tools necessary to manage a wide range of activities related to planning, programming, operating and monitoring transport systems and their individual components.

In particular, students will acquire knowledge and methodologies to:

  • Optimize the use of infrastructures and services for transport by road, rail, air and sea;
  • Design transportation systems and their components, such as: infrastructures, services, vehicles, terminals and plants;
  • Model vehicular flows on multi-modal networks to improve the mobility of people and goods, demand and supply interaction and equilibrium calculation;
  • Design on-line and off-line models for transports system operation and management;
  • Monitor mobility solutions from a technical, economic and environmental point of view, both ex-ante and ex-post.

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  • Masters Degree in Transport Systems Engineering

    Professor Stefano Ricci

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