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Special Degree in Aerospace Engineering

The Special Degree in Aerospace Engineering (Code LM-28400) aims to develop experts that can be employed in advanced research and aerospace development centres. Students experience a system-oriented approach to aerospace engineering that is not common in the industry as the complexity of each subsystem drives engineers to focus on single aspects.

The Special Master of Aerospace Engineering is a two-year programme designed for students holding an Italian masters degree (Laurea Magistrale) in any engineering discipline, earned after 5 years of studies, or an equivalent degree earned abroad.  However, it may be reduced to one year for students with an Aerospace Engineering degree obtained at the end of 5 years of university-level study programmes.

Students are trained in research and development activities through an educational programme that covers both theoretical and practical aspects, including lab activities. The School of Aerospace Engineering provides the following labs:

In addition, the School's facilities include a ground station for tracking and commanding satellites, a space simulator (thermo-vacuum, magnetic field, sun simulator) and a sterile room for assembling microsatellites.

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