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Masters of Science in Space and Astronautical Engineering

The Space and Astronautical Engineering Masters Programme (LM 20) provides students with specific skills related to space mission planning and the analysis and design of launch vehicles, satellites and remote metering and telemetry systems. The programme, which emphasises systems-related and interdisciplinary aspects, is closely linked with research and innovation activities in the Italian and European aerospace industries.

The Masters Programme in Space and Astronautical Engineering, which is part of the MSAR degree programme and is held entirely in English, provides students with advanced concepts, professional training and specific engineering skills, enabling them to address complex issues requiring analysis, development, simulation and optimization in a wide range of aerospace-related topics. 

In year one, students acquire knowledge related to major areas of Space Engineering such as Spaceflight Mechanics and Altitude Dynamics, Controls, Compressible Fluid Dynamics, Propulsion, Structures and Space Systems; while in year two, students select follow-up courses from a wide range of topics directly related to Space and Aeronautical Engineering.

Admitted students are eligible for double-degree programmes with the Grandes Ecoles in France, the Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain and the Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa in Portugal.

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