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Masters of Science in Product Design

The Masters Programme in Product Design is a studio-based programme for students who wish to hone their ability to innovate.

Candidates should be interested in the integration of design, technology, culture and business. The programme encourages creative thinking and critical reflection as fundamental design tools for the development of new objects and ideas to improve people’s lives.

In particular, the Masters of Science in Product Design encourages and trains students to:

  • Explore new cultural languages
  • Experiment with new technology and materials
  • Develop concepts for innovation
  • Interact with different forms of knowledge
  • Collaborate with international companies
  • Live in a multi-cultural environment
  • Meet creative people

Students are encouraged to develop their ideas and concepts through a variety of different workshops, such as:

  • Near Future Design Workshop
  • Urban Furniture Design Workshop
  • Liquids Workshop: Contain & Pour

During the final semester, students are involved in an internship in the research and development departments of national and international companies, foreign universities and research centres

The Masters degree progranme has several agreements with international universities and is a member of The Cumulus Network, the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, and the "Sapienza Design Factory" Laboratory and the "Sapienza Design Research" Centre.

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