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Particle and Astroparticle Physics

The Masters Degree Programme in Particle and Astroparticle Physics (LM-17) provides students with in-depth knowledge on the experimental and theoretical aspects of elementary particle physics. The Masters Degree programme offers a unique learning and training experience for students holding a Bachelors degree in Physics, including the opportunity to work with leading scholars.
The programme spans the full spectrum of experimental, theoretical and applied particle and astroparticle physics, from high-energy colliders to neutrino physics, from gravitational waves to the search for dark matter, including high-performance computing and medical physics. Most of the research is performed within the framework of collaboration agreements involving CERN and other major international facilities and universities.
Three other curricula (Condensed Matter, Biophysics and Theoretical Physics) of the same Masters Degree Programme in Physics as well a Master’s Degree Programme in Astronomy and Astrophysics are available with some courses given in Italian and others in English.
World university rankings recognize the excellence of the Sapienza Physics Department and the superior quality of our teaching and laboratory training. 

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