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Master of Science in Economics

The Masters Programme in Economics (LM-28676) provides students with the tools necessary to analyse economic mechanisms, financial markets and organisations and forecast the micro- and macro-economic behaviour of individuals and institutions.

The programme begins with course work designed to consolidate and improve students’ understanding of economic policy and political economy. Subsequently, the focus turns to specific aspects of economic studies and issues concerning quantitative methodologies, sociology, law and enterprise studies.

In particular, the Masters Programme in Advanced Economics aims to develop economic researchers who can:

  • Identify and analyse important economic aspects;
  • Design and develop market studies and macro-economic reviews;
  • Plan and manage enterprises strategy (especially in the Finance sector) and make public decisions on issues such as welfare and social security;
  • Innovate and develop economic analysis tools;
  • Coordinate interdisciplinary workgroups to assess the effects of economic policy on the development of specific productive sectors;
  • Coordinate and manage workgroups to arrange the necessary sector and macro-economic scenarios for the economic choices of public and private organisations, both at the national and international level;
  • Evaluate behaviours and results of strategies and objectively orient their outcome.

The Masters may also include stages with public administrations, private companies and international organisations, as well as seminars and laboratories.

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