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Masters of Science in Control Engineering

The Masters Programme in Control Engineering (LM-26651) provides students with an interdisciplinary and methodological approach that suits a large variety of students with a first cycle degree in information engineering, industrial engineering, computer science, mathematics or physics.

The programme introduces students to the basic methodologies of automatic control, including:

  • Modelling and identification of dynamic systems;
  • Measurement processing and on-line filtering of sensor data;
  • Use of feedback to stabilize process behaviour and optimise its performance;
  • Integrated automatic control system design.

These concepts apply to a wide range of engineering sectors and are often necessary to enable the interaction of other technologies with advanced applications, both in industry and service automation.

In general, the Masters Programme in Control Engineering provides students with:

  • A general approach to the analysis and design of complex automatic control systems;
  • The ability to custom tailor complex automatic control systems to function in target applications.


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