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Architecture (Conservation)

The Masters Programme in Architecture (Conservation), which focuses mainly on Italian architectural heritage, aims to train students to consolidate and preserve existing architectural and environmental heritage and develop high-quality projects that take into account the relation between new projects, the environment and the historical city.

The programme brings together a range of different disciplines, including humanities and technical-scientific subjects, to prepare students to work as architects with specific competences in building processes and the conservation of existing structures. In particular, the two-year programme will delve deeper into the main competences acquired with the Bachelors Degree and will address:

  • historical-critical and historical-technical analysis of architecture, ranging from individual projects to the landscape and environment as a whole;
  • architectural project design and execution and conservation of existing architectural structures;
  • specific scientific knowledge and critical know-how.

Please note: starting a.y. 2017/2018, this is no longer a restricted access programme. Students can apply through the pre-selection platform.

For further information: Architecture Conservation Courses





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