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Masters of Science in Engineering in AI and Robotics

The Masters of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (LM-28224) aims to provide students with the knowledge and ability to design and implement artificial intelligence and robotic systems, as well as the interdisciplinary skills that are essential to manage complex projects and their impact on the society.

Computer Engineering is among the fastest growing fields and presents unlimited opportunities in nearly every field. Students will learn to:

  • Design and develop advanced knowledge-based and multi-agent software systems;
  • Design and develop robotic systems for services and industrial applications, including safety and security, space, home, care of the elderly, medicine;
  • Design and develop computer animation systems for the movie and videogame industries;
  • Design and develop video systems for environmental, production and service surveillance and monitoring;
  • Compose and coordinate research and development teams in advanced technology companies;
  • Plan, supervise, design and implement, when possible through interdisciplinary teams, innovative applications in information technology and related areas such as automation, telecommunications, and resource management;
  • Promote the technological transferal of research results and technological advancements to public and private organizations;
  • Manage and train human resources for information technology.

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