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Student Collaboration Scholarships

Sapienza offers student-collaboration scholarships. Selected students participate in short-term projects or in the ordinary running of different University offices and services (e.g. departmental libraries, computer laboratories etc.) Each student is required to dedicate 150 hours of time to their project and is compensated with €1,090. It's a great way to earn a little and gain valuable work experience.

Calls for applications are published periodically on the University website and interested students can apply online. Responsibilities vary according to the department or office that published the call and the type of project proposed.General requirements for students wishing to apply are:

  • You must, for the current academic year, either be enrolled in the second year or third year of your Bachelor's degree or be a Master's degree student (students enrolled in single cycle Master's degrees must be at least in their second year of study). To retain eligibility you must not have exceeded the standard duration of your degree by more than 2 years.
  • You must have obtained at least 2/5 of your annual university credits, according to your degree's requirements for the preceding academic year (e.g. at least 2/5 of your first year credits, if you are a second-year student)
  • You must have paid your tuition fees and never have submitted a false ISEE
  • You must not have won another student-collaboration scholarship with Sapienza for the same academic year.