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Political Science, Sociology, and Communication Science

This faculty combines three fields of study in the social sciences: Political Science, Sociology and Communication Science.

The oldest Political Science Faculty in Italy, offers graduates professional opportunities in governance, political analysis, public administration and diplomacy. Sociology trains experts in the field of research of socio-cultural processes through an interdisciplinary approach.

Communication Science prepares students in all fields of media production, distribution and consumption. The current Faculty combines all these fields of study in order to educate and train its students. Graduates will become innovative next-generation professionals, empowered to explore new frontiers and prepared to cope with the incessant evolution of technology and society.

The old degree programmes remain the same; the advantage is an extended interdisciplinary subject base that gives students a more complete formative experience.

This Faculty has produced journalists, ambassadors, sociologists, professors and many more professional figures. Graduates from the Faculty are prepared to confront the challenges of a rapidly changing society and an increasingly globalised world, with insight into different political systems, new media and their social impact. Graduate core competencies are highly sought after in many different fields both in Italy and abroad.