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Medicine and Psychology

This innovative Faculty combines the traditions of Italian psychology and medicine into a successful academic partnership. The Faculty of Medicine and Psychology gives its students the opportunity to participate in complex but well organised educational programmes and acquire in-depth and up-to-date knowledge on theoretical, technical and operational fields of medicine, biotechnology, psychology, education, social work, and health profession sciences.

First level degree programmes provide students with the basics in different subjects that, when appropriate, include teaching the operational and professional skills necessary to begin exercising a profession. For example, in the programmes for the health professions, students learn clinical procedures, advanced practice nursing, occupational health and disease prevention, advanced rehabilitation and laboratory/image technology.

Second level degree programmes provide students with advanced training for the highest levels and qualifications. Subject areas include: clinical and health psychology; communication and marketing psychology; developmental psychology; diagnosis and rehabilitation of cognitive disorders; dynamic and clinical psychology for childhood, adolescence and family; health and community psychology; work and organisational psychology.

The medical programme integrates biological, social, behavioural and clinical sciences over a six-year period, providing the skills necessary to manage common medical problems and procedures, health promotion and the values of professionalism. Medical students receive hands on training and particular attention is given to biomedical-psycho-social issues, with early clinical exposure and a longitudinal course of medical scientific methodology and humanities.

Master programmes for health professions are organised into four different areas: healthcare, rehabilitation, diagnostic techniques and care, and prevention.

The Faculty oversees the integration among the different health professions. Graduates from the Sapienza Faculty of Medicine and Psychology are well prepared for work in these fields.

Degrees provide graduates analytical capabilities that allow them to operate in extremely complex clinical and social contexts. They are able to understand problems in human health, individual behaviour and experiences, life development processes, interpersonal and working relationships. Connecting this understanding to a wider social environment allows graduates to develop the best possible approach to both physical and psychological health problems. At the third level PhD programmes and Professional Specialty programmes are offered in Medicine, Psychology and Education.