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Medicine and Dentistry

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry carries on a long tradition as Sapienza’s first Faculty of Medicine. It is located inside Policlinico Umberto I, Italy’s largest hospital and a centre for research, teaching and treatment. This is where the country’s first organ transplant was successfully performed.

Students have the possibility to study all branches of medicine and dentistry. Over the past two centuries, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has set itself apart from the rest and consolidated its tradition of scientific excellence.

The Faculty is where Bignami, Celli and Grassi carried out their research on Malaria, Cerletti conducted his studies on Neurophysiology, Erspamer studied Neuropharmacology and Antonini researched protein molecular structure. Their contribution to scientific understanding of medical knowledge and clinical excellence is recognized around the world. Recently the Faculty has undergone substantial restructuring, phasing out obsolete courses and introducing new degree programmes for students.

The Faculty’s international prestige ensures graduates can quickly reach their career objectives, both in Italy and abroad. The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry trains professors, researchers, doctors, dentists and specialists in every area of healthcare. Medicine remains of the outmost importance to all societies. Professional training at Umberto I provides graduates with the opportunity to make a qualitative contribution to society through their chosen medical field.