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The Faculty of Law dates back to the founding of Sapienza University in 1303 and boasts over 700 years of history. After Italian unification, the course of study achieved particular excellence and an expansion that is still a feature today. Many alumni, past and present, have had a crucial influence on the history of law both in Italy and abroad.

Many contemporary laws are based on ones originating in ancient Rome, and modern Faculty teaching is deeply rooted in tradition. At the same time, the Faculty opens doors to new knowledge and modern interpretations of the law. Its educational programmes aim at providing the cultural tools and critical and analytical skills necessary to fully understand the complex phenomenology of the legal system.

The Faculty is very popular and with over 40,000 enrolled students is one of the largest faculties on campus. On completion of their studies graduates are highly sought after in many important fields. Many graduates become lawyers or judges, while others work for important public and private institutions or in large national and international companies. The Italian legal tradition is unique and studying law at Sapienza provides graduates with the level of preparation necessary for this profession.