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The Faculty of Economics at Sapienza University offers a vast array of degree programmes, masters, postgraduate training and PhDs in Rome, Latina, Civitavecchia, Rieti and Buenos Aires. This extensive offer represents the Faculty’s determination to provide a dynamic response to an increasingly complex global economy and in particular to the changes in production and labour markets in the twenty-first century. Programmes in the Faculty of Economics entail study in different subject areas outside the realm of economics.

This breadth of study ensures that graduates can look forward to optimal preparation and satisfying career paths. The numerous students and alumni from the Faculty who collaborate with institutions and companies in Italy are a testament to the important link between the Sapienza Faculty of Economics and Italy’s history and future development.

The substantial activity undertaken by the Faculty and its students abroad demonstrates the international relevance and global dimensions of an economics degree. A major contemporary graduate of Sapienza’s Faculty of Economics is the former Bank of Italy Governor and current President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi.Draghi graduated from the Faculty in 1970 and the high standard of excellence has been maintained. Mario Draghi’s story is an example of the world-class formative experience provided to students at the Faculty and the wide range of possibilities available to them on completion of their studies.