La Sapienza - Università di Roma

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Sapienza University founded the first modern Faculty of Architecture in Italy. Today the Faculty is committed to innovation, technology, urban living and serving a rapidly changing society.

The new generation of architects being educated at the Sapienza Faculty of Architecture are dedicated to:

  • Researching traditions and habitats for new forms of living;
  • Developing new strategies for reconciling the principles of nature and man;
  • Consolidating and publicising the universally recognised architectural qualities of Italian cities.

Studying architecture at Sapienza is a captivating and exciting experience. Course content is divided between scientific research, studies in the humanities and experimentation with old and new materials and techniques. All this leads to the education of the modern architect, the synthesis of a scientist and a humanist who is both an artist and a technician.

The Faculty also offers specialised courses in town planning, landscape architecture, interior architecture, industrial design and land planning and management. Our high-calibre graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to manage, regulate and support sustainable designed environments, and lead the way in innovation, technology, visual communication and design.