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A Seminar with Sorbonne Professor Jacques Jounna

On Thursday, March 30, Sapienza University will host a seminar with distinguished Sorbonne Professor Jacques Jounna on the Ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates, considered the “Father of Modern Medicine”
A lecture by Professor Jared Diamond
A meeting with Breakthrough Physics Award Recipient Fulvio Ricci
The Sapienza Museum Network is an integrated network of university museums representing various fields of knowledge
The Italian Cybersecurity Report will be presented at Sapienza on Thursday, March 2.
Professor Car’s first lesson, open to everyone, is entitled “Condensed Matter Physics.”
Sapienza Professors organise exhibition on DNA at the Rome "Palazzo delle Esposizioni"
The Master Course aims to train professionals to efficiently use “big data” through advanced statistical analysis techniques and software applications
The first cybersecurity training programme for university students
“Sapienza Fast Charge” is entirely managed by students: from the marketing to the design of the racing car, to communications and even the actual driving!