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Optimization Issues and Complex Networks

On Feb. 16-17, the Department of Statistical Sciences at Sapienza will host the first AIRO Workshop dedicated to “Emerging Optimization Problems in Complex Networks” with the Italian Operational Research Society
Wittgenstein presented philosophy as a powerful and complex reflection on cultural criticism
Sapienza Professors organise exhibition on DNA at the Rome "Palazzo delle Esposizioni"
“Analysing Alap: historical, cognitive and linguistic approaches to Indian music” by Prof. Richard Widdess
The Master Course aims to train professionals to efficiently use “big data” through advanced statistical analysis techniques and software applications
The first cybersecurity training programme for university students
Professor Car is a pioneer of molecular dynamics and the Car-Parrinello Method, which has vast and deep implications in all studies on condensed matter
“Sapienza Fast Charge” is entirely managed by students: from the marketing to the design of the racing car, to communications and even the actual driving!