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Director General

Carlo Musto D'Amore

The Director General, in keeping with the guidelines set by the administrative council, is directly responsible for the overall management and organization of the university’s services, financial resources and technical-administrative staff.

The Directorate General consists of three main sectors, each of which is autonomous to implement and organise their related functions. Each sector is headed by a university manager who is accountable to the Director General with regard the goals they are assigned.

The main responsibilities of the Director General are to:

  1. propose the resources and professional profiles necessary and defines the three-year strategy plan to cover personnel and staff requirements;
  2. assign tasks and responsibilities to the Area Managers for specific projects and functional attivities;
  3. designates goals of the each Area Manager;
  4. implements the necessary tools for the efficient running of the head office;
  5. adopt administrative provisions regardin expenditure and income, to the exclusion of that directly administered by the Area managers;
  6. manage, coordinate and oversee  the functions of the Area Managers and the supervisors of  administrative procedures;
  7. prepare the University’s annual budget. This process provides for allocation and assignment of resources and sets the plan for the coming year. 
  8. direct functions regarding the organisation and management of staff as well as activities regarding trade union and labour relations;
  9. implement all activities required by central governing organs, to the exclusion of those structures covered by the university’s Statute;
  10. performs any further functions assigned by the law, the Statue and regulations.

    Carlo Musto D’Amore is the current Director General. 


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    Director General
    Carlo Musto D'Amore

    Personal secretariat 
    Maria Panetta
    Massimiliano Tarullo

    Jacopo Callari - supervisor
    Alfonso Fuiano
    Francesca Nicolai
    Giorgia Pietropaoli
    Nicoletta Di Sotto

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