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Sapienza, one of the top Italian universities, also ranks competitively amongst the best universities around the world according to the international rankings published in 2017. 


QS World University Ranking   

Sapienza has gained several positions over last year in the QS World University Ranking published on June 8, 2017.

Sapienza ranks 215th, up 8 places from last year’s 223rd ranking. The university’s good performance is due to the improvement in academic reputation, rated 86th worldwide (up four places over the 2016 ranking) and corporate reputation (233rd position compared to last year’s 279th ranking).

Amongst Italian universities, Sapienza ranks 5th, without any real variation. (In 2016, Sapienza was ranked third, but in 2017 QS added the Pisa Normal School and the Sant'Anna Institute of Pisa as autonomous universities, shifting the whole ranking by two positions).

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017

The QS World Universities Rankings by Subject, published on March 8, confirms Sapienza's good performance, with numerous successes at the international level and top rankings among Italian universities.

​​Archaeology repeats its best result in the international field, ranking 14th worldwide and first in Italy, followed by Physics and Astronomy (44th worldwide and first in Italy).
First place in Italy also for English Literature (in the 101-150 range worldwide), Linguistics (101-150 range worldwide), Religious Studies (assessed this year for the first time, in the 51-100 worldwide), Geography (101-150 range worldwide) and Nursing (not assessed at an international level).

Second place in Italy for History (in the 51-100 range worldwide), Modern Languages (51-100 worldwide), Pharmacy and Pharmacology (51-100 worldwide), Anthropology (51-100 worldwide), Law (51-100 worldwide), Development Studies (not assessed at an international level), Educational Sciences (251-300 worldwide).

Architecture, Computer Science, Anatomy, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics also rank in the top 100 worldwide for a total of 13 disciplines in the top-100.

The ranking by subject areas is processed by QS on the basis of data already used for the general Top World University Rankings for 2016/2017, which ranked Sapienza as the 3rd best University in Italy.