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Spin Off Companies

Sapienza Spin Off Companies

SE.QU.ENV S.r.l.
Contacts: Franco Gugliermetti and Carlo Ulivieri

This company aims at developing a multipurpose, adaptable integrated control system for  the environmental and anthropic safety of museums and exhibition spaces. The spin off was the winner of the Start Cup 2006-2007 Prize and the Training and Accompaniment Project FIXO allocated in 2008.

Contact: Luigi Toro

Eco Recycling uses Sapienza patented technology to recover raw materials from batteries and distribute the recovered compounds on the market. This spin off deals with the complex issues of waste management for high-tech items including televisions, computers, mobile phones, and game consoles (so-called RAE).

Contact: Paola Velardi

Sviluppo Cultura S.r.l. combines digital technology with cultural services in Italy and abroad. It aims to help create an industry of Italian cultural heritage and develop an innovative model to maximize income derived from cultural heritage.

The project's main goal is to establish an innovative architecture based on Experience Management, in order to create a support system for cultural heritage. Experience Management is an application and service system aimed at supporting the tourist-cultural experience.

Contact: Maria Antonietta Marsella

Survey Lab applies innovative geomatic methodologies to land/infrastructure control through modular systems based on the integration of terrestrial and satellite sensors. The spin off won the Training and Accompaniment Project FIXO allocated in 2008.

MOLIROM S.r.l. (
Contacts: Bruno Botta and Alberto Boffi

Molirom provides added commercial value to a unique collection of natural products of vegetable origin (basic and modified) through biomimetic procedures involving enzyme or chemical synthesis.

The company operates in the field of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical chemistry. Its commercial offer consists in supplying natural products and advanced services including:

  • high-level research (enzymatic/chemical synthesis tests)
  • biological/chemical screening (in partnership with industry groups)
  • production of biotransformations enzymes

The spin off won the Training and Accompaniment Project FIXO in 2008.

Contact: Andrea Carandini

Archi Web is developing a database related to information systems (G.I.S.) capable of collecting all documentation linked to archaeological finds in urban and rural areas. The database will be available to all interested entities and/or third party organisations.

Contact: Ugo Biader

This spin off plans to become a reference point for the RFID field and developing solutions based on this technology in Italy. It will use research experience gained from the RFID-Lab in the innovative field of radio frequency identification technology applied to the service sector.

SISTEMA S.r.l. (
Contact: Guido Gentile

Sistema provides software solutions for transport systems and info mobility engineering through the development of software products and services based on innovative methodological approaches and technologies.

The company aims at positioning itself on the national and international Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market. It operates in the field of transportation system analysis, management and planning. Particular emphasis is placed on real-time applications thanks to quantitative tools provided by mathematical models for traffic simulation and the study of people/goods displacement. These models are able to reproduce the behavior of users and the functioning of road networks.

Contact: Massimo Tronci

Aicomply is developing and delivering innovative compliance management services. In order to do so the company has moved from a project to an integrated approach based on multi-normative technology platforms. The purpose of the service is to contribute to the development of compliance & risk management systems. The technological and methodological services being developed will be able to determine the risk level organisations are exposed to by analysing processes, controls and action plans.

Contact: Fabio Babiloni

This spin off uses technology developed by research conducted on the quantification of brain activity and other physiological signals emited while watching advertisements.
The technology:

  • provides an innovative, effective, non-invasive answer to the questions that have arisen during studies on the effectiveness of advertising
  • is extremely useful during the development phase of commercials
  • helps monitor mnemonic/emotional effectiveness using scientific indicators

NHAZCA S.r.l. (
Contact: Francesca Bozzano

Nhazca identifies, evaluates, and develops operating methods and tools for monitoring dangerous natural events. The company uses terrestrial radar interferometry, among other techniques, to monitor the deformation of slopes, volcanoes, glaciers and man-made constructions such as dams, bridges, and buildings of historical and architectural importance. Monitoring/analysis also uses innovative data processing software and numerical event-simulation models.

Contact: Angelo Chianese

Opt Sensor focuses on the production and commercialisation of optoelectronic measuring instruments for the environmental industry. Of particularly interest is a new measuring device for monitoring PM10-PM2, 5 particulate. This device will be completely automated. Using this technology the company will be able to carry out remote monitoring activities. This will become more common as measurements can now be recorded and transmitted at long distances by electronic means. The company will produce and sell tools for the detection and quantification of solid particles suspended in liquid or gas. These tools have already been developed and patented by the founding members of the company all of whom are university researchers.

3FASE s.r.l. (
Contact: Claudio Alimonti

The core business idea is the development of alternative solutions (including customer services) in the oil and gas sector. The technology offered is characterised by the flexibility of implementation, adaptability to specific field conditions, and a competitive price. The direct production of hardware components is not the objective of the initiative which is focused instead on the design of:

  • advanced combinations of process components capable of generating appropriate fluid-dynamic characteristics
  • ad hoc sensors and process and control systems run by  specific software based on Sapienza's "Determination Process of the Flow of Multiphase Fluid Mixtures" patent (IT1333990)

ACTOR s.r.l.
Contact: Gianni di Pillo

Actor provides a response to the programming, management and control needs of organisations and companies. These needs arise from the management of departments/companies involved in the execution of short and medium term business operations.

A complementary activity is the creation of didactic modules, based on data sets and real application cases for training within national and international companies, universities and research centres. By leveraging knowledge of "optimisation methods" and "control science" based on the team's R&D skills Actor focuses on building strong mathematical models in order to integrate them in application software endowed with relevant educational content.

SPIN V s.r.l.
Contact: Di Benedetto

Spin V provides a support service for people navigation and bridges the gap between GIS navigation systems (Geographic Information System) available in the outdoor environment and corresponding indoor solutions.

The company’s solution is based on an interactive application for indoor orientation and navigation. This application:

  • operates through a combination of information about the user's location, preferences and characteristics, environmental structures and the activities that take place there
  • will be developed as both a web application and installed directly on user devices. Supported hardware includes smart phones and tablet PCs in order to reach the maximum number of users and provide  improved user interface.

DITS s.r.l.
Contact: Stefano Ricci

Development & Innovation in Transport Systems (DITS) provides railway products and engineering services. The spin off plans to be a major partner for companies and organisations operating in the railway sector. The company bridges the gap between university research and applications in the railway services sector in order to improve safety, reliability, environmental sustainability and economic efficiency.

Contact: Paolo Gaudenzi

Smart Structures Solutions creates monitoring devices for structural safety that work in remote (wireless) and self-powered conditions. Many international research centres, including Sapienza University, are developing smart structures technologies which offer solutions for the realisation of sensor and self-charging devices (the autonomous generation of power through the use of the energy harvesting).

WSENSE s.r.l. (
Contact: Chiara Petrioli

Wsense provides innovative solutions and technologies for wireless sensor networks that monitor buildings, infrastructure and social dynamics. In order to do so the company has formed a multidisciplinary team that relies on scientific, engineering and business skills.

SED s.r.l.
Contact: Alessandro Corsini

This spin off focuses on the development and provision of products and support services in the field of diagnostics technology and pro-gnostic rotating machinery, turbo machinery and the conversion and use of energy systems. SED products address the industrialisation of monitoring systems which are implemented with software technologies for the diagnosis of unstable operating conditions and their control through the implementation of adequate systems.

OVER s.r.l. (
Contact: Roberto Baldoni

Over is developing a device that can enable any home automation system with the following features: (i) interoperability, (ii) control interfaces via plug-and-play, (iii) measurement and historical data of energy consumption. The company operates in three sectors: home automation, security, and event processing. Home automation is the primary service while security and event processing are complimentary sectors and may be expanded in the future to create additional consulting opportunities.

SIPRO s.r.l.
Contact: Francesco Tomei

Sipro transforms the results of work-related accident data into safety products and services for workers exposed to health risks including: urban pollution, asbestos, noise, radon, biological agents, stress, nano particles, chemicals, ozone, particulate matter, repetitive motions, and more.


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