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Medical and welfare services

EU citizens 

You are entitled through your local health authority to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which facilitates access to emergency and medical treatment that may become necessary during a temporary stay (less than 3 months) in another EU country. 

For a period longer than 3 months, the registration with the Italian National Health Service (SSN) is compulsory for researchers with a work contract . Application must be submitted at the Local Health Authorities (Azienda Sanitaria Locale – ASL) according to the area of residence. There are no fees and the Italian Health Insurance Card (Tessera Sanitaria) will be issued immediately and free of charge by the ASL. It will cover the same period of the researcher’s contract. The Italian Health Insurance Card, which includes the tax code released by the Italian Revenue Agency, it is strictly personal and allows the holder to obtain health services in the European Union countries.

Registration with the Italian National Health Service (SSN) guarantees:

  • consultations with general practitioners (including pediatricians), but payment of a small fee (ticket) for visits and medical examinations with specialists is required; 
  • hospitalisation; 
  • access to day hospitals in specialised medical structures (dermatology, ophthalmology, etc.);
  • pharmaceutical assistance (prescriptions and refunds on purchases);
  • access to blood tests and other analyses.


Non EU citizens

The application for a visa and permit of stay requires evidence of the ability to cover health risks. These sources can be: 

  • the purchasing of a private health insurance policy in your home country also valid in Italy; it is compulsory, before leaving, to have a copy of the policy endorsed by an Italian embassy or consulate; 
  • the purchasing of a private insurance policy issued in Italy by a national insurance company.

Registration with the Italian National Health Service (SSN) is compulsory in case you have a contract of employment or you are self-employed. The registration on voluntary basis is available only for researchers holding some type of research training fellowships. Registration with the Italian National Health Service can be done by submitting the application at a Local Health Authority (ASL) according to the city of residence. 

Documents requested for the registration of non EU citizens: 

  • Resident Permit or the application receipt from the municipality or self-certification;
  • Valid Identity Card and/or Passport;
  • Tax identification code (codice fiscale);
  • Payment of € 149,77 to the Postal Office on c/c n. 370007;
  • Certificate of enrolment in a legally recognised university or self-certification.



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