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Information Technology Services

Webmail Service

Sapienza allows staff and students to use the free webmail service. You have to request the activation of your e-mail account to the administrative office of your host department. This system is available to the entire university community. It provides a secure and reliable email account, usable by all students, staff, educational organisations and those in charge of student careers, within its technological limits and respecting the rules and regulations for use. The email will consist of This will be your official email and can be used for all matters regarding university issues. 


Once your Sapienza e-mail account will be activated, you can have free access to the Wi-fi of the campus. You have to insert as username your name.surname and the same Password of your e-mail. 

In case you don’t want to open an e-mail account you can ask (one week in advance) for IR Card to the International Office. This card will allow you to surf the Internet and access the services from public spaces covered by Sapienza’s wireless signal.  

The Software Distrubution Service for Research and Teaching (DSRD)

The Software Distrubution Service for Research and Teaching (DSRD) seeks to reduce costs and simplify the procedures to acquire the educational software and scientific facilities. In this context, there are special agreements with some manufacturers for free distribution of software to Sapienza students, along with offers for services related to the use of the software. For further information please visit 




  • Service Desk: 06 4991 3111

    Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00