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There are two possibilities for foreign PhD students wishing to attend Sapienza:

1) A call for applications for foreign students is issued at the end of March. Applications are evaluated on the basis of documentation (curriculum vitae, publications, references) and knowledge of Italian is not required. Only non-Italian citizens who have obtained their academic qualifications outside of Italy may apply. Successful applicants will be assigned to a Doctoral School with fellowship.

2) Foreign candidates who do not require a fellowship can apply for a PhD position without a grant as supernumerary students. In this case applicants may be admitted to a maximum of 1/3 of the places assigned each PhD course without participating in open competitions.

Supernumerary students are not eligible for fellowship awards and must pay University fees. They are evaluated exclusively on the basis of curriculum vitae, academic qualifications or interview. Foreign candidates applying as supernumerary students may also be admitted on the basis of a dossier, which is a coherent research project written in Italian or English.

This call for applications will be published by the end of June. Foreign candidates may take the entrance examination and compete for a fellowship.

For further information: PhD Admissions