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Sapienza is actively involved in two of the six most important discoveries of 2016 as selected by National Geographic. This is another welcome recognition of Sapienza’s excellence in international academics and research
To reduce the risk of bacterial infection during surgery, doctors may soon begin employing surgical implements coated with graphene oxide
New footprints found at Laetoli suggest significant variations in the size of our ancestors’ bodies
Quantum Physics experiments conducted simultaneously around the world
This algorithm (called "backtracking survey propagation") assigns variables in steps depending on the available data through a procedure called message passing
Dwarf galaxies, which contain a large amount of dark matter, have a distribution of matter that is flattened at the centre
A Sapienza Research Team has synthesized a thermo-reversible and bio-compatible DNA gel
Current environmental policies are mainly based on the assumption that an increase in woodlands may mitigate climate change by reducing carbon in the atmosphere, but ...
The most ancient remains of lemon ever found in the Mediterranean have been uncovered inside the Carcer-Tullianum