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ALS caused by Muscle/Nerve Communication Error

A new Sapienza study increases our understanding of the mechanisms governing peripheral nervous system degeneration in neuromuscular pathologies such as ALS. The study has been published on Antioxidant and Redox Signaling
A connection between two fundamental aspects of the quantum world has been observed for the first time
Digital restoration sheds new light on the Ceprano Skull
Archaeologist Margherita Mussi proposes two distinct cultures for the Lower Paleolithic Achulean Period
The secret patterns of Midge swarms
Project DarkGRA to study phenomena that affect the most extreme gravitational springs: black holes and neutron stars
The end of a fundamental scientific space mission
The tooth enamel conserves a biological archive of both the foetus and mother's life
An ancestor of the common fly, preserved in amber, from 17 million years ago