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Visit the Sapienza Physics Museum!

March 13, 2018 – 5:00 pm
Physics Department, Careri Lecture Hall, Marconi Building
Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5

On Tuesday, March 13, the Department of Physics will host a conference for the “Discovering Excellence: Visiting the Sapienza Museums” Cycle of Conferences.

Professor Giovanni Organtini will present the collection of the Sapienza Physics Museum, which he directs. The collection includes acoustic, optic and electrostatic devices. Moreover, the museum also houses the machinery used by Enrico Fermi and his group to study atoms and which led to his discovery of artificial radioactivity and the Nobel Prize he received for this work.  

Following the conference, participants will be invited to visit the museum and admire the many prestigious and unique items it houses.

Next Appointments

  • Botanical Garden Museum (conference with Loretta Gratani) - April 20
  • History of Medicine Museum (conference with Gilberto Corbellini) - May 30
  • Compared Anatomy Museum (conference with Riccardo Castiglia) - June 18

Discovering Excellence: Visiting the Sapienza Museums

The Fondazione Roma Sapienza and the Sapienza Museum Network have organized this series of conferences to promote the university’s museums.

The cycle began on January 22 with the conference held by Professor Lorenzo Nigro, who illustrated the treasures of the Museum of the Near East, Egypt and the Mediterranean and the results of Sapienza’s archaeological missions in fifteen countries in these areas.

The second appointment was held on Wednesday, February 14, when Prof. Marcello Barbanera illustrated the Museum of Classical Art, which he directs, and its rich collection of 1200 plaster copies illustrating the development of Greek art.