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Sapienza will lead the Tempus Econano project to modernize Azerbaijan's Environmental Engineering academic masters' curricula. The modernization will mainly focus on adding courses regarding innovative nanotechnologies and their application to environmental treatment and monitoring. The project's partnership, which lasts two years, includes three prestigious Azerbaijan universities (Baku State University, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction e Qafqaz University) and other European universities (Université Paris 13 and Patras University). The project's quality evaluation will be made by Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione. Among the project's partners there is also the Azerbaijan Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, essential element for the validation of the new master.

An innovative aspect of the project is the introduction of a higher education course in Environmental Engineering, which will be introductory for the new curricula. The course will take place in Baku, with professors of European and Azerbaijan universities together, and it will guarantee a collaboration in the training of environmental engineers for tomorrow.