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Science Bridge Brings Cultures Together

The "Science Bridge" is an initiative for intercultural scientific exchange that brings together over 200 scientists, 82 research centres and 22 countries to collaborate on promoting international research, driving scientific discovery, developing new therapies and improving relationships between different cultures around the world.

Sapienza is represented by Patrizia Campolongo, Professor at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and co-author of the article presenting the initiative, which was published on Neuron.

The "Science Bridge" will be implemented in two phases. First, there will be the organization of scientific conferences, research programmes and shared scholarships to increase collaboration in biological sciences - especially neurosciences - while maintaining the main goal of developing new therapeutic treatments and targeted healthcare. Subsequently, the initiative advocates the creation of two twin institutes - one in the West and the other in the Middle East or southeast Asia - to promote the free exchange of ideas and discoveries.

The initiative is supported by various Nobel Prize winners, including Torsten Wiesel from the New York Rockefeller University for the important impetus that this project will provide to both science and human relationships.

"The advancement of science and technology provide benefits to society at large and innovation promotes better living conditions in these areas,” explains Patrizia Campolongo.

The “Science Bridge” also aims to engage new audiences through the dissemination and discussion of research results to provide civil society with direct access to new knowledge.


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