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Times Higher Education (THE) has published a new ranking of the "World's Most International Universities 2017," which recognizes the 150 most international universities worldwide.

This new ranking is based on two parameters:

  • International Reputation - data collected through a survey distributed to academics around the world who do not reside in the country of the University (the same data used to compile the overall ranking of best universities), and
  • International Outlook - a parameter which includes three indicators: number of international students enrolled, number of international faculty members and number of scientific publications signed by international co-authors (collected by Scopus).

Italy is present with three universities in this new ranking: the Politecnico di Milano (87), Politecnico di Torino (106) and Sapienza University, which ranks 112th.

Sapienza’s positive result and especially the high score achieved in international reputation (82.6%) is significantly higher than that of the other two Italian universities in the ranking, a fact that confirms Sapienza’s reputation and international prestige.