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Founded in 2009 by the Sapienza Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, “Sistema” is the main technological development centre for the PTV - Planung Transport Verkehr Group in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems. The centre, one of the best Italian experiments in technology transfer, develops software for infomobility and traffic monitoring and forecast platforms.

“The success of the PTV System lies in its quality and numbers,” explains Guido Gentile, Professor of Transport Engineering at Sapienza University and President of the spin-off’s board of administrators. “However, our greatest satisfaction is to provide work and an opportunity for professional development to young brilliant minds in our country.”

Sistema is the first Sapienza initiative in 6 years that has evolved out of its start-up status to employ 30 full-time reseachers, two-thirds of which directly from Sapienza and most of whom have a PhD. Today, Sistema has an annual turn-over that exceeds €3 million and will probably continue to grow after being purchased by the PTV Group.

Sapienza promotes start-ups to create opportunities for technological transfer. “The purchase of Sistem by PTV,” explains Professor Gentile, “is physiological. Academic spin-off phases are limited, as universities must provide the same opportunities to other researchers to produce products and services with added value.”

The sale of 10% of Sistema by Sapienza to PTV is an excellent opportunity for the Sapienza brand that has led to an innovative idea and PTV can enjoy a team of specialists and researchers from one of Europe’s most prestigious universities.