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The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 confirm Sapienza's successful performance, both in Italy and internationally.

​​In the new rankings published on March 8, Archaeology matches its best result to date - 14th worldwide and 1st in Italy - followed by the degree programme in "Physics and Astronomy," which ranks 44th worldwide and 1st in Italy.

Sapienza also places 1st in Italy for English Literature (in the 101-150 range at the international level), Linguistics (in the 101-150 range at the international level), Religious Studies (in the 51-100 range at the international level), Geography (in the 101-150 range internationally) and Nursing (not assessed at the international level).

Areas that place second in Italy include History (in the 51-100 range internationally), Modern Languages ​​(in the 51-100 range internationally), Pharmacy and Pharmacology (in the 51-100 range internationally), Anthropology (in the 51-100 range internationally), Law (in the 51-100 range internationally), Development Studies (not assessed at the international level), and Educational Sciences (in the 251-300 range internationally).

Sapienza also ranks amongst the top 100 global universities for Architecture, Computer Science, Anatomy, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, for a total of 13 subject areas in the top-100 disciplines at Sapienza.

The ranking by subject areas is developed by QS on the basis of data already used for the general Top World University Rankings, published for 2016/2017 in September 2016, which ranked Sapienza as the 3rd best University in Italy.