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October 27 - 3:00 pm
Teatro Studio G. Borgna, Auditorium “Parco della Musica”
Viale De Coubertin 30, Rome

On Friday, October 27, the Rome Film Fest will screen "Romarcord - # 1 Quadraro," a documentary produced by students from the Sapienza Department of Art History and Performing Arts.

"Romarcord" narrates the stories of the movie theatres in Rome’s various areas and neighbourhoods described by the memories of movie goers. It’s a collection of voices, memories, and images, which are not meant as a de profundis, but rather as a reflection on how to revive this aspect of life. It’s a social history of twentieth century cinema seen by the eyes of today's youth; an analysis of the changes in the city’s urban fabric and what cinema represented between the end of the World War II and the late Seventies.

The project, coordinated by Professors Andrea Minuz, Damiano Garofalo and Director Felice Bagnato, also features the collaboration of Giovanni Bottiglieri, Marco Giurlanda, Roberta Picciallo, Liliana Pistorio and Edoardo Spallazzi.

Free entrance by invitation only: please send an e-mail to by Thursday, October 26 to register.