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Sapienza continues to promote its policy of supporting low-income families and meritorious students through tuition fee discounts and exemptions.

On June 8, the Board of Directors approved the following measures:

  • Full exemption for meritorious students, including freshmen, with an ISEE declaration up to €14,000 (€1000 more than national requirements);
  • Up to 20% reduction for students with an ISEE declaration up to € 40,000;
  • Full exemption for all doctorate students;
  • Elimination of all other taxes and costs, such as the graduation fee, with the exception of additional requested services.

Moreover, the Board confirmed:

  • Bonus for meritorious students to be used for enrolment in the subsequent academic year;
  • Full exemption for first-year students who score 100/100 on their diploma;
  • Tuition fee reductions for first-year students who score 95/100 or better on their diploma;
  • Special reductions for families with more than one sibling enrolled at Sapienza

This financial measure, worth well over €2 million, has been made possible thanks to the virtuous management of university funds and notwithstanding the gradual decline in state funding. Approximately 42,000 students, nearly two-thirds of currently enrolled students, will benefit from these tuition fee cuts.

"The measures recently introduced by the Government in favour of low-income families and meritorious students reflects the policies first adopted by Sapienza University two years ago,” points our Rector Eugenio Gaudio. “We have not only adopted new measures, but we have also strengthened and extended existing ones thanks to the availability of university funds. The right to study, as declared in our constitution, is guaranteed to the widest possible number of individuals."