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Sapienza is the Best University in Italy

Sapienza University continues to rank as one of the world’s best universities, even according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017 published by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), which focuses on the 500 best universities across the globe, ranks Sapienza University as the first Italian university and in the global 151-200 range (a position it has maintained since 2014). The only other Italian university in the same range is Padua, while Bologna, Milan, Pisa, Turin and the Milan Polytechnic rank in the 201-300 range. Overall, 16 Italian universities are included in the ARWU Ranking that has analysed 1300 universities.

ARWU indicators are rigorous and include Nobel Prizes and other academic awards, as well as research quality (papers published and quoted researchers) and performance based on student population. More specifically, the ranking si based on six parameters:

  • International awards to former students (10%)
  • International awards to university researchers (20%)
  • Reference to scientific publications in Thomson-Reuters (20%)
  • “Nature and Science” publications (20%)
  • Technological and social publications (20%)
  • These parameters are correlated to academic staff for a further pro-capite productivity indicator (10%).

The first 100 universities ranked by ARWU are given a position and a score based on the above parameters, while the remaining 400 are ranked in groups (position and score can be calculated based on parameters).

“Sapienza confirms its prestige on the international panorama with an important result for such a large university and a wide-ranging curriculum that differs vastly from the approach of English-language universities. Our rich didactic range and research excellence,” comments Rector Gaudio, “are driving us into the future. We are interested in helping our country to move forward and establish university as a catalyst for European cultural and economic regrowth. And we can further improve our international results by investing in youth, research and education.”

August’s General ARWU Ranking follows the ARWU Ranking by Subjects published on June 28, 2017, which ranks Sapienza first in Italy in thirteen academic areas:

  • Physics: 29th worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Geography, 101-150 worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Automation & Control, 23rd worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Instruments Sciences, 33rd worldwide, 1st in Italy;  
  • Civil Engineering, 45th worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Aerospace Engineering, 26th worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Human Biological Sciences, 101-150 worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Ecology, 101-150 worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Materials science, 101-150 worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Nano-science, 101-150 worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Environmental science, 201-300 worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Medical technology, 51-75 worldwide, 1st in Italy; 
  • Statistics, 51-75 worldwide, 1st in Italy.