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A Performance by Korean Pianist Ilia Kim

Saturday, January 13
Multimedia Hall - 4:00 pm
Aula Magna - 5:30 pm
Recorate Building

On Saturday, January 13, Korean Pianist Ilia Kim will perform music by Claude Debussy at Sapienza University.

The pianist’s concert will trace the music of this great composer who was instrumental to modernising music at the dawn of the twentieth century.

The concert will be preceded by “Salotto Debussy,” a lesson on the relation between the composer and figurative arts, promoted by the Contemporary Art Lab Museum, with Claudia Cieri Via, Art History Professor, Franco Piperno, Musicology Professor, Claudio Zambianchi, Contemporary Art History Professor, and Piero Rattalino, musicologist.

The full concert programme is available on the IUC web site.