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Monday, March 6 - 5.00 pm
Levi della Vida Lecture Hall
Via dei Volsci 122, Rome

Francesco Forgione, Former President of the Italian Anti-Mafia Commission, will conduct the first meeting of the "Mafias and Routes" seminar cycle organised by Professor Luca Ruzza from the Department of Art History and Performing Arts.

After the 2016 workshop series on "Mafia Denied, Mafia Unveiled," Sapienza University has organised a new debate on the issues related to the presence and development of organized crime in Italy. The meetings aim to analyze the transformation of interests, actions, business routes and criminal trafficking of the mafia on the European and international level in a new scenario influenced by fundamentalist terrorism and dramatic social phenomena such as immigration. 

Francesco Forgione and Luca Ruzza will present the workshop, following the greetings of Rector Eugenio Gaudi; Stefano Asperti, President of the Faculty of Humanities and Marina Righetti, Director of the Art History and Performing Arts Department. State Attorney Giuseppe Pignatone and Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando will also participate in the talks.