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Looking for Tomorrow's Cyber Security Experts

CyberChallenge.IT is the first Italian educational programme that aims to identify and train cyber-defenders for the future. After the success of the 2017 edition, which brought Italy onto the European Cybersecurity Challenge podium, the 2018 programme has the ambitious goal of identifying new young “cyber talents.”

One hundred and sixty brilliant and motivated young men and women, aged 16-22, will be selected to participate in a free course that will be held by eight universities between March and May 2018. This is a great opportunity to begin a career in cyber-security.  

Registration is open from December 4, 2017 to January 20, 2018.

Participants will attend courses with university experts and leading companies in the cyber security sector and participate in practical cyber-security activities. The course will end with a team competition. The best talents will be selected form an Italian National Cyber-Defender Team that will participate in international competitions.

The programme is organised by the CINI National Cybersecurity Laboratory in collaboration with the Sapienza University Cyber Intelligence and Information Security Centre.