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Let's Give Our Best- Organ Donor Campaign

Sapienza renews its support for the “Let’s Give Our Best” Campaign (hashtag: #DiamoIlMeglioDiNoi) to promote organ, tissue and cell donation.

The campaign will be present on campus on four days to provide students and staff with further information and allow them to sign the required consent forms.

Upcoming Appointments

  • Tuesday, April 7
  • Tuesday, May 15
  • Tuesday, June 12

Granting Consent for Donation

The AdSpem Mobile Blood Unit will be on campus this Tuesday (March 12) to provide information on organ, tissue and cell donation and allow students and staff to sign the AIDO (Italian Donor Association) consent form.

Remember that you can change your mind at any time and that your last decision is the valid one!

Stem Cell Donation

There will also be an information point on the donation of hematopoietic stem cells manned by ADMO volunteers (Association of Bone Marrow Donors).

Bone Marrow Donation

Moreover, anyone aged 18-35, can take the initial screening tests (medical questionnaire and blood test) necessary to join the Italian Bone Marrow Donor Register. These simple tests will be performed directly on location (in the Adspem Mobile Blood Unit) by doctors from the Policlinico Umberto I and the San Camillo Forlanini Hospital of Rome.

The “Let’s Give Our Best” Campaign is promoted by the Italian Ministry of Health and the National Transplant Centre in collaboration with various associations.

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