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Guadagnini Quartet in concert at Sapienza

March 27 – 8:30 pm
Aula Magna, Rectorate Building
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Rome

The Guadagnini Quartet, which was formed in 2012, is currently considered one of the most promising young quartets in Europe.

The Sapienza concert programme will focus on three great works produced by the Austro-German School: Haydn’s Kaiserquartett (18th century), Brahms’ Quartet Op. 51 N. 1 (19th century) and Webern’s 6 Bagatelle Op. 9 (20th century).

The Guadagnini Quartet, which has performed both in Italy and abroad, received the Farulli Award at the “XXXIII Premio Franco Abbiati,” just two year’s after their formation. The quartet also received "Marco Dall’Aquila" and "Pietro Argento" Awards.