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October 21 - 5:30 pm
Aula Magna, Rectorate
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Rome

On Saturday, October 21, Sapienza will host a performance by Maestro Enrico Morricone.

Maestro Morricone is not only the composer of countless movie soundtracks, which have brought him international fame and an Oscar, but also a composer of the sophisticated Petrassi school contemporary style, who has developed an avant-garde experience with the "New Consonance" improvisation group.

The evening programme, carefully selected by Morricone himself, includes the performance of If This is a Man, which is based on Primo Levi's text, with vocals by Mariano Rigillo, violinist Marco Serino and mezzo-soprano Antonella Marotta. Four anacutists for A.V. and the premiere Rome execution of the Variants dedicated to the Canino-Ballista piano duo to follow.

Finally, the Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra, affectionately known as Morricone's Orchestra, will pay homage to Goffredo Petrassi, a 20th century music composer and teacher of Morricone himself, with the performances of Introduction and Allegro for Violin and Bows and Fourth Concert for String Orchestra, under the direction of Gabriele Bonolis.