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EURO-INFORMS 2013 Joint International Meeting

Euro-Informs 2013

From July 1 to 4, 15.00
University City
5, piazzale Aldo Moro, Rome
From July 1 to 4 Sapienza will host the 26th European conference on operational research called EURO-INFORMS 2013 Joint International Meeting. It is considered the main conference globally organized in this field of study and involves not only EURO, European Societies on Operational Research, but also INFORMS, North American Societies on Operational Research and Management Science.
The event will provide a great opportunity to share information about disciplines that study, design and use mathematical models, advanced software tools, simulations and other analytical techniques to manage and solve elaborate problems and find solutions.
About 3400 participants from 73 nations have applied to take part to 3000 presentations and 70 parallel sessions. The activities will be held throughout the faculties and departments of the University Campus. On Tuesday, July 2 from 20 onwards the evening Night@Sapienza, Roma tra Sapori e Musica will take place in front of the Rector’s building, under the Minerva’s statue and MuSa Jazz will liven up the evening playing from their repertoire.
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Paolo Dell'Olmo - Referente scientico