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Estonia, the Baltic and the European Union

March 1, 2018 – 3:00 pm
“Organi Collegiali” Conference Hall
Rectorate Building

On Thursday, March 1, Sapienza University will host a seminar entitled “Estonia and the Baltic: the long journey towards the European Union” promoted by the PhD Programme in European History and the Baltic Studies Centre, in collaboration with the Fondazione Roma Sapienza and the Eurasian Studies Centre (CEMAS) at Sapienza.

The seminar, which is held for the opening of the Estonian Presidency of the European Union, aims to involve and inform the academic community about the country that will lead the EU Council for the coming six months.

The seminar will be opened by Antonello Folco Biagini, President of the Fondazione Roma Sapienza before the rount table on “The Second Independence and the European Union” with E.Giedraityte (Kaunas “Vytautas Magnus” University), Kaarel Piirimäe (Professor  at the University of Tartu (Institute of History and Archaeology), Ieva Bērziņa (Latvian Defence Academy), and Francesco Gui, Professor at the Department of History, Cultures and Religion at Sapienza University.

The seminar is held in collaboration with the Kaunas “Vytautas Magnus” University, the Latvian Academy of Defence and the University of Tartu (Institute of History and Archaeology).