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Sapienza, which is the only Italian partner of SmokeFreeBrain, will participate with its BrainSigns spin-off and the Department of Molecular Medicine,

The SmokeFreeBrain event is organised by the European Union to identify new strategies and improve existing methods for the prevention of pulmonary diseases caused by tobacco smoke and develop new medical treatments by analysing their applicability in local and global health systems.

The SmokeFreeBrain Project aims to generate new knowledge on problems linked to smoking via a multidisciplinary approach guaranteed by the experience of 12 international partners operating in diverse fields of study.

At an operative level, advanced techniques in toxicology, pneumology, neurosciences, and behavioural studies were employed to evaluate the efficiency of:

  • Electronic cigarettes (with and without nicotine) as a tool to reduce or stop smoking
  • A neuro-feedback protocol to fight smoke addiction
  • A specific protocol for action based on smart-phone applications
  • Awareness-raising campaigns against smoking promoted by Sapienza University together with pharmacological actions

As part of World No Tobacco Day, the Sapienza Research Team analysed commercials against smoking from around the world to evaluate the cerebral response of 200 volunteers to the most successful commercials. The study aims to identify what elements should be used in public service announcements to encourage people to stop smoking.