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"Cross the Streets" Exhibition

Macro - Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome
May 7 - October 1, 2017                                                                                                                                                        
Via Nizza 138, Rome

Sapienza University will participate in the "Cross the Streets" Exhibition at the Macro – Museum of Contemporary Art with the Paediatrics Ward at the Sant'Andrea General Hospital. 

Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology will present a number of projects on the relationship between art and the psycho-physical health of weaker groups such as children and the elderly and hold training and therapeutic sessions using art to address issues in modern society.

"Cross the Streets" is a cultural platform that lays the foundation for a historicization of the “writing” and street art phenomenon over the last forty years. A counterculture, which has now become largely mainstream, enters the Rome Macro, where permanent street / urban art works by Bros, Ozmo and Sten & Lex are already on exhibition.

The project is based on Paulo Lucas von Vacano's research on street counterculture and its various declinations. As the only vanguard that brings together young people, urban suburbs and the minorities of globalization, urban art has profoundly influenced the collective imagination. From the underground phenomenon of youth protest, this form of art has contaminated a number of fields, ranging from fashion to music, from cinema to photography and advertising, and become of public domain. The purpose of the “Cross the Streets” Exhibition is to investigate, at a global level, the power and fascination of this multimedia by understanding the guidelines, global pioneers, and cultural phenomena that it generates and, more locally, the history of Roman graffiti.

The City of Rome will also organise, between June and October, a series of meetings on some of the hot topics of street and urban art in general, ranging from copyright to property and legality, from preservation to iconography and the semiotics of Writing, from fruition to production.

All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to Project Artinmente, which will host a live performance by JBRock on the Moleskine Wall during an educational workshop for the children involved in this project and the families.

The exhibition will be filmed by Sky Arte.